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Being addicted to Fridays.; Waiting every weekday of your life simply for the end of the week, Friday.; Having a fear of the weekend ending.; Being overjoyed by the thought of Friday, or becoming completely overjoyed when it actually is Friday.; Absolutely hating weekdays, except for Fridays because that's when the week ends and Fridays are indescribably relieving and wonderful!; Living every other day of the week just for Fridays.; Being COMPLETELY OVERLY MADLY OBSESSIVLEY IN LOVE WITH FRIDAYS!
Going on throughout the week thinking "OH MY GOD ITS ALMOST FRIDAY." When its like, Monday.

Me: Ugh, i wish it was Friday agian but its Monday! I'm counting the days till the big TGIF!!!
Someotherperson: Dude... you have Friddiction too?!?
by ItsDefThursday-.- September 22, 2011

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