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A very delectable and tasty treat, something that is exquisite and delicious
Bob and I got some nonna's earlier...dude it was quite the amount of Tastamaliciousness
by ithitar May 14, 2006
when having "doggie" style sex with someone pull out and grab a testicle and attempt to shove it into her anus...ever try keeping a dog into the bathtub...it doesnt work
So I was doing this bitch from the back right and all of a sudden I grabbed a nut and tried to shove it in her ass...i dog washed that bitch
by Ithitar May 14, 2006
Hooter McBoob is the name of a man whom has man-boobs
Goddamn Hooter McBoob ...That Frostie is gonna go straight to your tits.
by Ithitar May 14, 2006
To be a Fuck or a Douche
Jimmie came into the room only to stumble upon george drinking his last Dr. Pepper. "Dude...you drank my last DP your being a complete Fagan."
by Ithitar May 14, 2006

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