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A greek person's penis that is controlled by the gods Zeus and Poseidon. Greek penises are known to be too big and too mighty for many women. Female encounters with these penises have resulted in vaginal tearing and extreme orgasms controlled by Poseidon(God of Water)
Maria: So im going out with Kosta
Nicole: NOOOOOO!!!!
Maria: Why?
Nicole: He has a GREEK PENIS!!!
Maria: OMG I better stay away from him he might cock slap me
Nicole: Your too late greek penises are too powerful
Maria: Fuck your right
by Itchy Scratchy January 11, 2011
A traditional greek pastime. The objective is for people between the ages of 3- 43 to look at pictures of goats untill they grow an erection. The first one to grow an erection is "it" After growing an erection the person who is "it" must chase the others around the village untill their cumshot hits the opponent. The peson who is tagged must lick the cum off the other person and spit it into a lobsters asshole. Then they must cook the lobster and feed it to the local retard. The person tagged must have sex with the village retard until the retard has an orgasm or shits all over him.
It is important to stretch before a game of greek tag, wouldn't want to break my penis!
by Itchy Scratchy January 11, 2011

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