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Always stood for What the fuck.
What the fuck are you doing, what the fuck is all that about, wtf happen there.

Lets start at the start WTF what first used in 1999 on a game called delta force 2.

Ask yourself this question. What country would used WTF in the above contex listed in every day speech.

America - No, god damn is about as far as it gets.
Europe - Don't think so.
Asia - don't think so either - even though it would sound pretty funny.
UK - No wasn't common in 1999.
Australia - bingo that's right "what the fuck are you doing" is and was common place.

How do I know this well I first started using WTF when a hacking cock by the name Major Pain was at his usual tricks in the for mentioned game.

In summary
WTF stands for What the fuck, period.
Was first started in 1999.
Origin Australia.
First used by Mick Stokes. Aka Priest.
by Itchie Finger December 26, 2012

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