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3 definitions by Itaminomics

A) The study of PWNage.

B) The PWNing of an illogical statement, by use of a highly logical statement. During said statement, one may call out any dumb-founded mistakes the opposite post would have made. One may then call out, "Itaminomics" against the person they have just PWN'd. The person who was PWN'd may now have their opinion voided, for they are an idiot.
Role Play Situation

Guy 1: -walks through the door-

Guy 2: -He stood at the back of the room.- "Hey, look, it's a fag."

Guy 1: -punches the one who called him a fag-

Guy 2: "Yes, you were able to punch me from all the way across the room. You sir, have just failed. Itaminomics!"
by Itaminomics August 20, 2010
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A word which is an synonym to the word n00b. If one is a severe n00b, they may also be referred to as Dessian
"Dude, these Dessian's in the Mocospace Role Play Forum are annoying. Let's go Warrior-of-Light on their ass." ( See Warrior -of-Light
by Itaminomics August 20, 2010
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One who is referred to as an Elite at something, as we now have n00bs claiming themselves as Elite. The said n00bs in question will be oblivious to changing of words, and thus call themselves Elite, now meaning n00b.
n00b: im uber elite!

Warrior-of-Light(True Elite): Yes, you are very Elite.
by Itaminomics August 20, 2010
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