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Its a suburb located in the North/East region of Melbourne which has alot of ethnic migrants, mostly Italians, Maltese & Maco's.

A great place 2 visit all the good looking wogs & Maria's.
Kefa: "Hey bro wanna go down to Mill Park & see Brad & the boys??"

Heath: " Yeah man lets see what all our wog boys been doin'"
by Italian Powerhouse April 07, 2008
Its a term often used when a group of people (Mostly males) pull out their penis's and compare them to one another to see who's got the biggest.
Old lady: "Hey why are these boys pulling out their penis's in front of each other??"

Paul: "Ohh nah dont worry mate, they r probably having a 'Flopoff'."
by Italian Powerhouse April 07, 2008
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