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A.T.M. means Ass To Mouth. As in, your banging a chick in the ass, you pull it out and she gives you head.
Yo, that chick I took home from the bar last night, we did A.T.M.
by ItIsI November 09, 2012
The friend who accepts everyone's unwanted Gherkins at McDonalds.
Tom: "I'll have that if you don't want it dude? I know you don't like them"

Joe: "C'mon man, quit your Gherkin Lurkin' and order something"
by ItisI March 27, 2012
crap shoot = college admissions
Admission to the top 10 colleges in the U.S. is a crap shoot no matter how good you are.
by itisi October 26, 2007
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