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4 definitions by Israel LeCours

In video games, how well a game beckons you to play it again after beating it. Games with good replay value cause you to willingly play the game several times through instead of just one or two times.
It should not be confused with artificial replay value, which basically "forces" you to play again.
"Oblivion has great replay value! I like to start new files over and over to play different roles and character specs!"
by Israel LeCours August 13, 2009
14 0
Like yo mamma jokes, but instead of saying "yo mamma" you say "Obama." Used by McCain fans nationwide.
"Obama's so ugly, even the tide won't come back in!"
"Man, why you always makin' Obama jokes?"


"I'm trying to raise money for college."
"Obama goes to college!"
by Israel LeCours February 18, 2009
25 17
A weird way to slur "what's going on?" into one convenient, catchy greeting.
"S'goin'on, man?"
by Israel LeCours November 25, 2008
2 1
Mash-up of "not much." What you say when you're a really boring person asks you what's up and you have nothing interesting to say.
"S'goin'on, man?"
by Israel LeCours November 25, 2008
3 30