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A skateboarding hip-hop collective out of Los Angeles, CA, whose name stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Known for their controversial lyrics often on subjects such as Satan, rape, or cannibalism, etc. They're atheist, not Satanists. The group includes
Tyler, the Creator - The rapper/producer leader of the group. Has rapped and produced on nearly every OF release. Has a number of alternate personas including Ace the Creator, Wolf Haley, & Thurnis Haley. One half of EarlWolf with Earl.
Earl Sweatshirt - 17 year old rapper who is falsely portrayed to be Tyler's younger brother. He's been MIA; according to Complex he's been sent away to a reform camp in Samoa by his mother as she disapproved of his antics with the group.
Hodgy Beats - Rapper, one half of the rapper/producer duo MellowHype with producer Left Brain. Had a solo mixtape called The Dena Tape and has released two albums as MellowHype.
Domo Genesis - Rapper. released Rolling Papers.
Mike G - Rapper, released ALI.
Frank Ocean - the only R&B singer. released Nostalgia, Ultra.
Left Brain - producer + Hodgy's partner in MellowHype.
Syd tha Kyd - producer/engineer. A lesbian, and the only female, her house is where the group records their music. Older sister of fellow group member Taco.
Matt Martians - producer, known as Super 3 or The Jet Age of Tomorrow.
Jasper Dolphin - a skateboarder. Not much of a rapper though.
Taco - Like Jasper, he's a skater who isn't much of a rapper. Younger brother to Syd.
"I'm a hot and bothered astronaut, crashing while jacking off to buffering vids of Asher Roth eating applesauce"

- from Earl by Earl Sweatshirt, off the tape EARL

by Isolated Thinker May 29, 2011

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