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A soccer mod for Half-Life that allows you to play as one player with other human players online.
International Online Soccer lets you play soccer without leaving the basement of your Jewish parents' house.
by Isolated March 29, 2005
Thing'e' is the best International Online Soccer player there is. He is in a team called Ball Breakers.
Did you see Thing'e' score that goal the other day where he dribbled round the whole of RsT, then shot past the merc goalkeeper Neuromancer?
by Isolated March 29, 2005
An awesome English emo/post-hardcore/rock/anything else you want band with catchy songs and great musicianship.
I ran to the river and fell in. When I got home I decided not to put on my Dashboard Confessional CD but my Through Silence CD.
by Isolated June 16, 2004

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