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Is the act of inflicting wounds to yourself by using a sharp object like a razor blade, small or large knife and cutting places like your arms legs thighs and wrists. Although most people think that cutting has to do with just one group of kids it doesnt it can be with any type of kid like not all emos cut some jocks may cut even cheerleaders even people who you think have a perfect life most dont just because they dont show the world how their life really is and they put on a fake persona and try to act like everything is fine doesnt men that it is. You really never know whats going on with a person unless you are them even the prettiest girl is insecure. Just because they seem like they have a perfect lifge on hhte outside you never know what can be going on in the inside the could be being abused verbally or physically and once you start it becomes an addiction and is hard to stop even if you manage to stop you still have times in your life where you want to go back to it I use to cut because of stress and depression because i had to grow up at the age of 10 and now i dont have a normal teenage life I am in love with a 26 year old and im only 16 with everything that ive put myself through i don't relate to any of my friends and cant trust them with anything. Cutting can lead to suicide or other things. Just remember it doesn't affect just you it affects everyone around especially those who care about you
Friend- wh are you cutting havent you said that you were going to stop that?

Me- yes i said i was but i can like theres no other why for me to deal right now

Friend- Doesnt it hurt?

Me- Yeah but that's the point it takes away from everything else

Friend- Do you want attention or something?

Me- No i just want it all to go away and not to have to deal naymore
by Iso_373 August 05, 2008

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