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A word used for extreme laugher.
Most commonly used in the game World of Warcraft on the Bonechewer server.
Being made up by the all hilarious and most asshole like friend of Sandisk, Isneak, this word is still trying to be made into more into geek talk.
Sandisk: I tried setting my password to penis :|

Isneak: and?

Sandisk: It said my "password" wasn't long enough

Isneak: Lawlisaurusrex
#bonechewer #isneak #sandisk #lol #lawl #funny
by Isneak July 06, 2008
A term originated in the game SWG (Star Wars Galaxies), in which you would type Rofl Coptorz while making your character spin as he/she rolled on the floor laughing, looking similar to a helicopter blade.
n00b: What the fuck is Wtf?

ub4Rl33td00d: Roflcoptorz!
#roflcoptors #rofl #lmao #lawlisaurusrex #lol
by Isneak July 06, 2008
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