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In the corporate world, a person who steals credit for someone else's accomplishments; alternatively, a person who passes the blame to another person for his own mistakes.

"I came up with this great idea to save the company some dough, and I get fired while that fuck job got the raise and promotion."
by Ishtamo October 17, 2007
N. A tactic used by lawyers to distract an adversary with seeming inattention and incompetence as to the matter at hand while actually preparing to destroy his case by surprise.
"I learned that my client was a bigamist only after the D.A. pulled the fuckaround fuck on me."
by Ishtamo October 17, 2007
In legal jurisprudence, a five man team consisting of a senior partner, junior partner, senior associate, junior associate and paralegal, whose primary function is to quintuple client billings when engaging in the same work.
"I had a 10 minute phone call with my lawyer down at Bryan Cave and the swinging dicks sent me a bill for $1950."
by Ishtamo November 01, 2007

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