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A word used to describe the claw (maybe for money) that jews have.
used on the ali g show.
Borat: What would be the best way to defend yourself from the jew claw?
Martial art guy: Just knock it away
by Ishmail May 08, 2006
An extremely fun board game in which contestents try to get the judge to pick their noun for a certain given adjective
Jim: Hey dude lets go play Apples to apples

Brett: No thanks i'd rather play quiddler
by Ishmail January 03, 2007
The act of giving oneself a blowjob
Dude, I got one of my ribs taken out so I could give myself masturbatio.

by Ishmail May 30, 2008
When one's lover tries to imitate a blowjob they've seen in a porno
Jim: Dude, my girlfriend and I were watching porn last night and she gave me a blowjob just like the chick in the movie. It was sweet.

Todd: Yeah man, that's imitatio. It's my favorite.
by Ishmail May 30, 2008
When even after 10 minutes of head you haven't cum, yet your lover keeps on going.
Rick: Dude, last night my girlfriend was giving me head for 20 minutes and I just couldn't cum it was weird, but she still kept going.

Francis: That's truly dedicatio.
by Ishmail May 30, 2008

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