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2 definitions by IscZner

A much more polite way of calling someone a pussy, unless they know wat it means. It is used to describe someone who is all talk, has no backbone, beaver teeth, and may or may not be gay.
John: Wow, wat a pusty. I was talkin to james, and he said he could beat me up, so i swung at him and he ran away crying.

Pete: wow, ur right, hes such a pusty.
by IscZner June 22, 2008
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A word often used by little white kids who are trying to be cool. Also is an out of date term used to describe a friend; recently replaced by homie(still not cool for white kids to say)
Kyle: I'll see ya later.

Tyler: WHOA, hold it homeslice, you left your keys.

Kyle: WHO SAYS THAT! and thanks.
by IscZner June 22, 2008
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