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-Individuals (primarily high school, to a lesser extent college) who seize the initiative to join or head every single possible committee available for the sake of additional padding for a transcript or resume. These individuals are usually attention-seeking and join also to ensure their name is known throughout the entire school.

This individual usually succeeds in doing so at the cost of being often universally hated as many more people are made aware of this individual's ulterior motives for being proactive not for the passion for said committee, but to add to a collection of committees on a resume.

Ultimately justice prevails as being part of that many committees prevents one from focusing on academics, a major aspect along with extra curricular activities that schools and scholarships look at.
John: Jenn is such a committee whore
Ed: Yeah for real, she's a part of every single committee, wonder what she does if two are at the same time?

Teacher:Students, looks like Student Council is starting up this year
Becky: I'll do it
Teacher: Good for you! I think yearbook is in the works again too guys
Becky: ooo I'll do it, I think I'l ldo the editor position
Teacher: I like your enthusiasm, guys I'm also told that newspaper starts today
Becky:OMG!! I'm so doing that.

Teacher: uhhh ok, thats...good I guess. Don't go in over your head though. Looks like debate club is starting at lunch today
Becky: count me in sir!
Teacher: Really? are you serious? You honestly believe you'll do all these committees? ok, whatever, I'm personally hosting a "Annoying bitches who join everything committee committee" which is mainly us robbing helpless senior citizens, torturing small animals and stealing from charities.
Becky: I'm so in Mr. Whens the meeting? And do you have anybody heading it?
Teacher: Fuck off.
by Isaac Greene October 13, 2010

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