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A word used to state/signify one of the following situations:

A. To be physically, mentally, emotionally, or verbally demeaned in a given situation.

B. To be high on drugs. (Usually marijuana)

C. To be drunk.
A 1. (A man is playing football and is hit so hard that his helmet was knocked off)
Teammate- "You got mercked, dude"

A 2. (A pair of boys are arguing over a girl.)
Boy #1- "Dude, stop hitting on my girl!"
Boy #2- "Man, I gave that girl the clap, have fun with that!"
Bystander- "Mercked."

A 3. (A boy is picking on a weaker child)
Boy- "Look at how small you are! I can hardly see you, little guy!"
Weaker boy- "That's not what your mom said last night!"
Bystander- "Mercked."

B./C. (A man is walking around aimlessly. He sees a friend of his.)
Friend- "Hey man! I think I saw you at a party last weekend!"
Walker- "Man, I went to that party and got so mercked."
by IsHottleThere May 17, 2010

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