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He is the bad-ass weapons specialist of the Autobots, and his alt form is a GMC TopKick c4500. He has more guns than a small third-world country, and he may or may not have blown up a planet with said guns.

Ironhide doesn't always see optic to optic with Optimus Prime, despite their friendship. He's perhaps the more practical of the two, and more than a little trigger happy.
Ironhide:"You have a rodent infestation. Shall I terminate?"

Sam Witwicky:"No! No! He's not a rodent, he's a chihuahua! This is my chihuahua! We love chihuahuas, don't we?"

Ironhide:"He's leaked lubricants all over my foot!"
by IrresoluteSongbird September 20, 2009

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