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1. A small creature consisting of little paws and legs and body like a hedgehog or a muskrat. Cute and fuzzy and extremely adorable. They are helpless and usually lost, they wonder around the forest in search of friends.

2. A little girl just as adorable as the animal, only with out that hair, the chi cha is hairless and prances around in circles. The chi cha is usually cold and prefers warm places to heat up its chi cha hands. Most common place to find chi cha's are in your arm pit or scuttling somewhere in your pants. Chi Cha's also scootabout in thier red car. Chi Cha's are rare to come buy and if you come across one dont ever let it go. Also Chi Cha's are irrestible and you can only stay mad at a chi cha for a maximum of 1 hour.
"Hey, i just saw a chi cha, it was sooooooo cute, i want one!"

"That chi cha is sooooo cute, look at her in her red scootabout, to bad shes dating a weasel"
by Ironhide21 January 14, 2010

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