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Short Hills is just a normal town in New Jersey. Yes, it might be a rich town but it doesn't mean everyone that lives here is a snob. The school might be one of the top school and most kids go to the top 100 colleges from it but that is because the kids study hard and apply themselves. If you studied as hard as some of the kids here i know then u could be getting straight A's too. Also the mall might have every designer known to man but that doesnt mean thats the only place people shop. Right now in my closet i have no juicy or lacoste or solo or free people, most of my clothes are from target. And people in Millburn are just as rich as people in Short hills. Most kids here do not just live off there parents money. I have to work to earn money and my parents give me $10 a week for babysitting and doing chores around my house. Most people here are actually good people, but we definetly have our share of spoiled brats, but it doesn't mean everyone is horrible.
Short Hills kids are spoiled brats

#millburn #spoiled #juicy #target #colleges
by Irishgirl2 December 11, 2008
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