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-The biggest joke in Bergen County
-Think they're wealthy but then remember that they are next to Franklin Lakes which completely shits on them
-Want to live in Franklin Lakes but can't afford it
-Leeches who can't afford to build they're own high school
-Too poor to pay the same amount of money for their kids to go to school
-They like to bitch a lot about everything. And I didn't think it was possible but they're cops are even BIGGER TOOLS than FL cops.
-Need to know their place
I always make sure to drive around Wyckoff and not through it. If I drive through it the value of my car might go down.

Teenager #1: Should we buy weed in Wyckoff or Franklin Lakes?
Teenager #2: Franklin Lakes you idiot. Wyckoff kids are scumbags and sell oregano and schwag.
Teenager #1: Sorry, I forgot.
Teenager #2: Don't let it happen again.
by IrishAssassin January 06, 2008

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