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The resulting corporation that is formed when a group of morons get together and decide to start a business based around their shitty ass games.

Identifiable by awful customer service and frequent problems and delays. Lack of willingness to help and fix problems is a marked trait of a Simutronics along with persistance fucking up and "nerfing" or everything that makes their games fun.

Synonyms include: Fuckheads, Morons, Trollops, Applejohns, and beardless rump-munchers.

It can also be used a verb in which case it would be the action of completely screwing something up so much that everything that was good or interesting about it, is lost.
NOUN USAGE: Simutronics is the worst company ever.

VERB USAGE: Bush really simutronicked Iraq by invading.
by Iriscience April 19, 2004
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