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A very hilly, suburb-sized river city (58,000 proper, 89,000 metro) located on the Mississippi river where Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois meet. The first city in Iowa, founded by a French fur trader turned miner named Julien Dubuque. Sometimes referred to as the "City of Five Flags" because it has been under the control of Spain, Great Britain, monarchial France, liberated France, and the United States. Heavily Irish and German population, unfortunately about 95% white. Mostly Catholic but churches of almost every Christian denomination (including Latter Day) and a synagogue are present. Rumored to have the second highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world, losing out to some beer town in Germany. Also rumored to have won a competition for best drinking water in the nation. Home to three private colleges, two seminaries and a bible college. Somewhat divided between older downtown/bluffs area residents in the southeast and newer suburban area residents in the northwest and surrounding rural communities. Controlled-access highways connect Dubuque west to I-35, southwest to Cedar Rapids, IA (I-380 and I-80) south to the Quad Cities (IA and IL) and beyond, and northeast to Madison, WI and beyond. Air service to Chicago. A very beautiful, historic area.
From the bluffs of Dubuque you can see Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois...and a crapload of white people.
by Iowan May 14, 2005
The capital city of Iowa, also the largest city in Iowa with a metro population of about a half mil (not huge but good sized for the midwest). Contrary to popular belief, not a bad city, ranked #4 for quality of life in the US. Only really bad part is Des Moines is over 80% white, so it's not very "hip."
Dude, are you going to the concert in Des Moines?
by Iowan December 03, 2004

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