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The rare /phenomenon in which each man in a room is caught in a snafu of being in the middle of a sticky situation. This causes compulsive lying where each guy builds off the other man's lie. It is the most flawless of plans because women tend to lose interest in anything men say fairly quickly. First popularized by Scrubs when Carla walked in on all the male staff watching Carla and Turk's nanny for Izzy on the television. Carla walks in, and all the men enter the Seamless Collaborative Guy Lie Zone.

“And then every male in the room felt totally in sync, resulting in the rarest of all phenomenon - the seamless collaborative guy lie.”— J.D.'s narration
“Hey baby, what are you guys watching?”— Carla

“Football.”— Turk

(Everyone agrees)

“Football? Isn't the season over?” -Carla

“And then every male in the room felt totally in sync, resulting in the rarest of all phenomenon - the seamless collaborative guy lie.”— J.D.'s narration

“The American season is over, we were watching Mexican Football.”— Keith

“They started late this year.”— Doug

“Because of the churro vendors.”— Todd

“They went on strike and the players wouldn't cross the picket line.”— Ted

“When the dispute turned violent, they called in Rodrigo Vasquez, the owner of the Baja Panditos to step in.”— J.D.

“Thanks to señor Vasquez' experience dealing with the fruit pickers unions, he was able to broker a last minute deal and the season was salvaged.”— Dr. Kelso

“And that's why we're watching football in the spring.”— Turk
by InvisibleManInTheMirror June 03, 2010
The act of pouring vodka into one's eyes instead of the mouth.

This originated as a drinking fad in the U.K. so as to get drunk more quickly than to simply drink the fucking Vodka.

The idea is that the alcohol passes easily through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream directly through veins at the back of the eye, although some experts are sceptical about the claims and believe that since those who do it are usually already drunk, they simply convince themselves that it's having such an effect.

However, like the previous section said, it's probably the placebo effect, and a bunch of frat boy idiots think it's uber kawaii to be trendy and edgy by trying out those amazing "British fads" to be more "cultured" while having "fun"
American Frat Boy: "Hay guise let's do some uber kawaii Vodka eyeballing!!!"

Sensible person: "Hey, let's not and say we never fucking thought of this!"
by InvisibleManInTheMirror June 01, 2010
The process of going out with a group of people to a bar and hitting up each bar on the way to a certain destination (home, party, etc.) In this process you neglect how shitfaced you actually get, and don't care if you're blowing a .2 (over three times the legal limit) on a brethalyzer test, you're just out to have a good time with your bros.

It can also be explained mathematically. Let the first bar represented by A, and the final destination by B. There are 5 bars between A and B, you have to hit up each bar within a period of now until 2 am. So to solve this equation, you have to know the variable x, which represents how much fun you want to have.
Guy 1: (to the rest of his bros.) Alright so we'll start our beer crawl here at the party, move on to Chappy's, then we'll go to Dave's, get to Bill's, then we'll probably close off at The Dock, and go out for a meal somewhere along the way to my house.

Everyone in the room: Yeah!

ITT: No one really cares where you're going, or how you're getting there. We just want beer!
by InvisibleManInTheMirror June 06, 2010

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