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A has-been comedian turned bad actor who makes jokes that only idiots with single-digit I.Q's would think are even remotely funny.
Tommy: Hey Sean, there's Dane Cook.
Sean: Yeah he's such a douche. He should do another dreadful movie with Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson.
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010
The art of playing dodgeball with a large rubber penis. Rules for the game include: must be played naked, apponent who does not have control of the dodgecock must face away, game is played similar to horseshoes or lawn darts.
Yoda: You wanna play dodgecock.
Henri: No, I'm too busy playing Kung Fu Panda.
Yoda: Come on, I thought we were brothers.
Henri: All right, let me wash my gear from the last time you got a ringer.
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010
The event of the pizza boy stealing your wife.
Ian: I can't believe it wasn't delivery.
Ian: Dear Diary, today I found out it's not delivery, it's fucking my wife.
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010
Gonna be watching pre-game here pretty quick.
Sean & Jeremy: Hey Oliver, do you want to play Borderlands?
Oliver: No.I'm GBWPGHPQ!
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010

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