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A religion made up by Tom Cruise to make people think he's crazy.
Todd: Did you know that Tom Cruise believes in scientology?

Lenny: I think he's crazy!
by International Lesbian Actor October 15, 2006
Date-rape without the actual rape part. This includes getting girls drunk and putting pills in their drinks without them knowing and without taking advantage of them afterwards. If they are taken advantage of it is date rape, if not, it is simply a date.
George: I've dated over 700 women, and one guy.

Yusef: Did you get to third base?

George: No. They just passed out.
by international lesbian actor November 07, 2006
The act of placing oneself one step higher than another person on the "G" scale.
Philip: Yall guys wanna study math?

Todd: No.

Lenny: What a curb stomp!
by International Lesbian Actor October 15, 2006

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