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1 definition by Intellectual_badass_007

Someone who is so smart i.e. a nerd, that they could single handedly save all dumb peple from a chat life.

Because let's face it, Where would the world be without nerds? Nowhere, that's where. Without nerds, we'd still be lighting our rooms with candles, having leeches stuck to us to cure disease, and taking dumps out of our windows. Sure, we may be unfit for female consumption(and vice versa), we may spend hours arguing if Star Wars is better than Star Trek, and we may have the social skills of a chimpanzee, but it's high time that nerds were recognized as the true intellectual badasses they are!
Nerd : I have an IQ of 145

Jock : You are an Intellectual Badass!!!!
by Intellectual_badass_007 December 15, 2009