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1. n. & adj. Haruhi can be described as a state of being, in which you feel as if you're just one in a million. Although you may feel as if you are an individual/one of a kind, you are incorrect. Their maybe thousands of other people that have your personality, look like you, dress like you, have the same friends like you, have the same secrets as you, have the same dreams and wishes as you. Haruhi is a state in which you feel that you're alone in a world that is dull and boring and repetitive. This state can only be cured by overloading your life with extreme happiness and being random and eccentric so that hopefully you'll truly be "one of a kind". Amazing things happen all the time, you just have to find it.

2. n. & adj. Haruhi can also be used to describe yourself as being like haruhi from the anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi can be used to describe yourself in place of eccentric, outlandish etc. You know you're haruhi when you're having fun doing epic shit. You can be like haruhi when you attempt to look for ways to make you're life more fun and exciting. You can even use haruhi to describe yourself when something out of the ordinary happens.
1. "omgah dude, i'm totally fucking bored. life just seems so dull. I feel haruhi right now."

2. "that was the greatest night ever! i cant believe we saw that alien, esper, and time traveler all at the same time! my life is totally haruhi right now!"
by IntegratedDataSentientEntity October 11, 2010

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