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2 definitions by Instructor

transitive verb - A somewhat emotional response to a significant incident where the speaker explains to the cause of said incident the error of action and/or judgement, including a personal statement; using a verbal method of illustration which is both unique and inappropriate enough to the given environment to be both humorous and offending in general.


English contraction, from Middle English, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin

ken - name, from Middle English
incident-, incidens, from Latin, present participle of incidere to fall into, from in- + cadere to fall

First Known Use: Mid 2010
In response to a poorly worded email:
"That guy is about to have on serious kencident."

In response to a kencident
"Jim caused a kencident when he dropped the ball for the fourth time.""
by instructor March 29, 2013
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A person loathed by others because of circumstances.
The computer support technician walked past the housekeepers wearing his neat attire. One housekeeper rolls her eyes at the other housekeeper and states, “high-stepper,” to which the other one replies, “uh-huh.”
by Instructor February 19, 2007
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