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What an elevator does when you push a button for a floor that's below the floor you're currently at.
"No baby, we're at floor 69. We gotta go down."
by Insanity132 July 15, 2005
The reason why paper bags were invented.
Nikki's got one hell of a body. Yeah she's a little repulsive in the face, but that's nothing a paper bag can't fix.
by Insanity132 July 11, 2005
An abbreviation which takes online chat abbreviations entirely too far. First "lol" was used to relay laughter, then it was promoted to "rofl" or "lmao" to emphasize something being more than just funny. Then some chatroom junkies combined the latter 2 to create "roflmao" to emphasize an even higher level of laughter. Sometimes things are so utterly hilarious that "roflmao" doesn't quiten the degree of humor, so another "f" has to be added.
Dumbass: "d00d ZOMG liek I like totally r4nk3d y0 azz j00 n00b!! ROFLMFAO"
by Insanity132 August 02, 2005
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