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^go eat your steroids douchebag

An internet series that brought widespread acceptance to Machinima, it utilises the bungee games "halo: combat evolved" and "Halo 2" to act out scripts written by ametuer comdeians.

Or, in short, the meaning of life.
red vs blue is better than pie, and pie is really fucken good!
#rvb #redversusblue #redvsblue #machinima #caboose
by Inquisition November 30, 2006
An army in the tabletop game warhammer 40,000 that specializes in throwing wave after wave of ill equipped men at the enemy, supported (hopefully) by heavy tanks.
Wow those chaos marines sure are scary, lucky we imperial guard have our trusty flashlights...i mean lasguns
#imperial guard #imperium #warhammer 40k #vostrayans #cadians
by Inquisition November 30, 2006
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