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super hot chick. drop dead gorgeous. can make anyone's day. she has the voice of an angel that if she told you to jump off a cliff, you would feel obligated to do it. she makes everyone laugh and she has EPIC ignoring skills. most common name for famous people in brazil.
Who's that sexy beAST?!
YA the sexy one.
Oh dude thats a Geovanna
by infinite360 May 23, 2013
Waking up in the morning to have a milky residue on your lips. You can see this by rubbing your lips with a shirt sleeve first thing in the morning.
I went to wipe drool off my lips and got pissed because morning lip smeared on my sleeve.
by Infinite360 December 20, 2009
When a female is in the nude and bends over and you see the ass and vagina from behind.
Wow, she bent over, grabbed her ankles, and gave me a money shot!
by Infinite360 December 20, 2009
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