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Having sex doggie style near the midnight hour and with such vigor that it causes the receiver to howl out like a dog.
I slammed my girlfriend with the midnight doggie last night. Her howling nearly woke up the neighbors.
#doggie style #midnight #slamming #pile driving #howling
by Indy Sparkplug May 01, 2010
Jizz that fizzles because its incapable of impregnating.
The fertility doctor says my husband shoots nothing but jizzle. I'll never get pregnant!
#jizz #shooting blanks #pregnant #infertility #infertile
by Indy Sparkplug May 06, 2010
A life accomplishment that is so significant that it will pointed out in your obituary.
Did you hear that Stacey was promoted to President of the First National Bank? That's some serious obituary material.
#death #obituary #accomplishment #accolade #award
by Indy Sparkplug May 13, 2010
Taken from the words sibling and sabatical; occurs when two siblings take a break from communicating with each other because of too much time spent together or because typical sibling turmoil is wearing them out.
I'm so tired of my sister's whining and complaining about all of her personal issues. I love her, but we seriously need a sib sab for a few weeks.
#sister #brother #break #siblings #respite
by Indy Sparkplug May 13, 2010
Type of food that will eventually cause a violent erruption in the intestinal system and the defecation process.
I've got to lay off the Mexican food. Those burritos are complete colon blasters!
#the shits #diahrrea #mexican food #the runs #crapping
by Indy Sparkplug May 08, 2010
Fear of an uncircumcised penis.
"The new guy in accounting, Pepe, is hot. But he's French and likely uncut. My issues with foreskin trepidation will probably quash my pursuing him.”
#circumcise #circumcision #foreskin #uncut #phobias
by Indy Sparkplug February 09, 2011
The most minimal of orgasms; barely registering as an orgasm. Condition typically caused by an inept sex partner.
My boyfriend says he's ready for some loving tonight. Given his lack of skills, I'll be lucky to even have a nanogasm.
#orgasm #nanagasm #inept #get-off #cum
by Indy Sparkplug May 04, 2010
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