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A video game that you keep losing at and it pisses you off so much that you start swearing at it, yet you still continue playing.

It usually involves a game where everything that happens is completely unrealistic e.g. Fifa 10 on Wii where any player can score from just about anywhere.

Doesnt have any relation with the word faggot
(Playing Fifa 10 on Wii)

Peter: Haha Bob my goalie just got his hat trick with that 40 yard screamer! Now your 12-0 down!!

Bob: What the fuck!? This is such a faggot game!
-- OR --
by InducedChalice January 02, 2010
A term first heard on Top Gear and used by Jeremy Clarkson, it describes the rural countryside in Romania, inhabited by gypsys.

The first scene of the movie Borat is actually filmed in Romania so this is where the term comes from.
Driving through Romania

Jeremy Clarkson: "We are deep into Borat country now... That old woman has an axe."
by InducedChalice April 15, 2010

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