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Mack Maine says "I exchange v-cards with the retards" in the song "Every Girl". He means that he does not discriminate, he likes all women.
Friend 1-"You see that girl over there?"
Friend 2-"Yea she's ugly, and looks a little retarded."
Friend 1-"I exchange V-cards with the retards."
Friend 2-"What?"
Friend 1-"I don't discriminate, I would fuck her. But now I'm thinking you're the retard."
by Indiscriminate May 18, 2010
Any type of firearm, that has either been previously used in a crime, or has been stolen. You buy them for a very low price, use them once, and then throw them away.
Guy 1: "I got something for you."
Guy 2: "What is it?"
Guy 1: "Just a lil' piece goin' for the low."
Guy 2: "Good, I've been lookin' for a burner, how much?"
Guy 1: "Eighty dollars."
Guy 2: *Hands over money* "Good lookin' out."
by Indiscriminate August 03, 2010
The act of murder. Can also be used in other contexts such as, finishing something off. The word originated from a guy named Jarred in Ocala, FL, he was saying this before Lil' Wayne.
Guy 1: "Break yo self fool!
Guy 2: *Pulls out pistol* I will murk you bitch!"
Guy 1: "Yes sir." *Runs away*
by Indiscriminate August 03, 2010

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