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1 definition by Indigo40

Hemet is a City in Riverside County California, hard hit by the recession. House prices have dropped significantly leaving most homeowners in Hemet upsidedown on their mortgages. A booming city full of growth and hope in the early 2000's has turned into a city full of lost dreams for all those who moved here from San Diego and Los Angeles.

A very poorly run school district grinds out its less that satisfactory education to the local students, most schools in the district have not met the state testing criteria, so that the Hemet Unified School District has to offer each parent the opportunity to transfer their students to different schools. The recently targeted Hemet Police Department is somewhat corrupt and does very little when responding to any type of call. Their preferred idea of resolving problems is to do show up an hour or two after the call and do nothing when they finally do show up. Winter is cold and summer is unbearably hot. Diamond Valley Lake is pretty much the only draw to the city with the exception of the once a year 'Ramona Pageant'. Barring these activities the only passers through are those headed up the hill to escape the heat to Idyllwild or to relax pooside in Palm Springs.
I swear I'm going to move every summer and I'm still here, stuck in Hemet.

The neighbor just beat up his wife, I called the cops but no one came to help her.
by Indigo40 July 14, 2011
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