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Independent music.
Indies are generally either the best or worst people you'll ever meet.
indie kids do their own thing. They listen to obscure unheard of music because they're different and only think of pleasing themselves with their music taste.

emo kid - have u heard angels and airwaves? they rock
normal kid - um no
emo kid - aw ur a loser i cant even look at you chav

normal kid - hey i got the angels and airwaves album
emo kid - cool ur such an emo

emo kid - have you got the angels and airwaves album?
indie kid - no i prefer the long blondes
**********mutual stare of hatred************
indie - like the long blondes, dirty pretty things, the young knives, the guillemonts, dead disco, the like, the raconteurs, the harrisons etc
by Indiegirl4ever October 30, 2006
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