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3 definitions by Inder-House

Incredibly large, something so large that Godzilla with a bazooka could not even scratch it.
The gigantanormous moth swooped Soulja Boy, scaring the bejeebus outta him.
by Inder-House October 17, 2008
To attack someone from behind (whether it being a kick, punch, or headbutt) resulting in damage to the person's testicular region. A very painful and unexpected experience.
Reginald called me a bad word - I am so going to backnut him.
by Inder-House August 28, 2010
Also known as "what the f**k".
Reginald: Hey man, I ate fifty turtles while they were alive last night.
Leonard: Dubbers, man?
by Inder-House June 25, 2010