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1. A word often used to describe baby pandas.

2. A baby panda.

3. A name commonly given to baby pandas.

4. Somebody who is frequently mistaken for a baby panda.
Person 1: Hey look, a Yugi!
Person 2: Cute, isn't he? His name is Yugi :D
Person 1: Aww, is he your little brother?
Person 2: What? No, of course not; we're different species.
Person 1: Wait...you mean you're NOT a baby panda?
Person 2: Nope.
Person 1: Damn you're good.
by IncurablyAwesome September 15, 2011
An all knowing entity, more commonly known by his other name, Google.
I didn't know the answer, so I looked it up on God.
by IncurablyAwesome October 11, 2011

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