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A clothing retailer associated most oftentimes with it's primary competitors; American Eagle Outfitters, Hollister Co., and Abercrombie & Fitch, with regards to teenage apparel. Aeropostale is identified as being the cheapest, price wise, and the youngest of the aforementioned brands, thus being subjected to adopting marketing and advertising techniques from other clothing retailers. Aeropostale is generally either well-received or negatively critiqued amongst teenagers. Many favor their affordable price range and by wearing Aeropostale, feel as though they belong among their social peers. In my opinion, Aeropostale is cheap, immature, juvenile knock-off of other recognized brands. Their clothing provides absolutely no quality whatsoever, their pricing exceeds the value of the clothing, and I personally do not enjoy wearing a gigantic "AERO" all over my torso. It is too pre-pubescent and overall, lack-luster.
I have an Aeropostale located in my local mall. It perturbs me when people wear Aeropostale and think that they are the preppiest kids in our vicinity. What also perturbs me is their advertising techniques. Aeropostale was originally established to attract fourteen through seventeen year-olds, but I always see fully developed adults purchasing products from that store. In general, I dislike Aeropostale throughout all aspects.
by IncogPseudoNitoNym December 29, 2012

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