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That uniquely psychotic extent of unfathomable narcissism that is just taken for granted as American culture.
Subverting democratic elections in foreign countries in order to install brutal buddy dictators, and then using the presence of their evil regime as an excuse to invade their land, take control of it, and begin extracting their resources? That's not just arrogance -- that's Americonceit.
by Incarnivore January 20, 2012
"image + agenda" -- a hell-bent obsession with the idea that something should be a certain way to such an extent that it becomes an all-consuming agenda that blots out any and all perception of reality that contradicts it.
Can you believe the mothers on that show "Toddlers With Tiaras"? They are totally consumed by their imagendas.
by Incarnivore January 20, 2012
The act of making something overt which desperately needs to be exposed, but which probably wouldn't be otherwise. Overtizing can be accomplished through the creative arts, such as literature, in which it is called "exposition", or even through the visual arts, where, for example, closet racists can be depicted as Nazis, shouting oppressive messages -- which they would probably never overtly do in real life, but instead actually do hold such agendas.
Though it had long been admitted by an honest few that the governor had close ties to the mob, it took an overtized image of him wearing a pin-stripe suit and brass knuckles to break the ice and motivate public honesty about the truth.
by Incarnivore November 28, 2011

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