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George W. Bush is the current President of the United States of America. He is certainly one of the worst U.S. Presidents, if not the worst.
He has worked to destroy America's economy using ignorant Neo-Conservative economic plans. He further proved his ignorance by sending us into a blind war, cutting social programs to pay for the military, and using ridiculous amounts of deficit spending despite the fact that our country was already in trillions of dollars of debt and we were still in a the middle of a costly war in Afghanistan.
He and his Administration are responsible for numerous gross violations of the Constitution such as deporting thousands of innocent immigrants after 9-11, limiting people who protest them to ilegal "Free Speech-Zones," and passing the USA {PATRIOT Act}. He has tried to further trounce on civil liberties by trying to acquire ludicorus powers such as the ability to spy on any American for no reason and withouut warrant and has also tried to pass a seconds PATRIOT Act.
He and his cronies hide under the guise of Nationalism. For example, if you critisize them, they say you hate America, you hate freedom, claim you are unpatriotic, or even try to claim that you're a terrorist. They even had the balls to name their collection of unconstitutional laws the PATRIOT Act (As I explained earlier). They also justify their ridiculous breaches of freedom by trying to create fear amongst Americans by making potential terrorist attacks seem much more likely than they are so they can call their critics soft on national defense.
Bush also claims to be Pro-Life, but at the same time he has no problem supporting the death penalty and an unjust war for profit.
It's a good thing there's a term limit. The United States wouldn't last another four years of George W. Bush.
by Incarnadine June 14, 2006
Free-Speech Zone is a redundant term because free speech is legally supposed to be in effect everywhere in our country. It would have made more sense to call the areas where protesting is illegal "Totalitarian Occupied Zones."
"LOL I HATE FREE SPEECH!!!!111ONE!!" - Bush on "Free-Speech Zones"
by Incarnadine June 14, 2006
Pro-Life is the term conservatives use to make it seem like those who disagree with them are "Pro-Death" or "Baby killers" and to draw attention away from the fact that most of them support the death penalty and wars for profit.
I'm Pro-Life so I killed a guy who worked at an abortion clinic.
by Incarnadine June 14, 2006
A word used to greet someone. A combination of "yo" and "hi." It rhymes with "hi." It was popularized by underground east coast legends Illustrious C and Queue of Legion of Doom fame.
"Yi, holmes. What's crackin'?"
by Incarnadine August 05, 2006

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