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An employee of a large corporation, usually a supermarket, eg Coles, Safeway etc who thinks he/she is in a position of great authority and superiority but does not realise he is earning .01% more than a normal employee and doing 500% as much work. Most duty managers are manipulative fucks and will tell you that your actual managers hate you to try and get more work out of you. The words "you’ll get fired" are usually high in their list of repeated vocabulary but the reality that they don’t actually have the authority to do shit is never thought of. Quite often duty mangers believe they are friends with higher management but in reality, they are just being used by them. Most duty managers will walk around the store delegating their work to other employees then complaining about how hard their job is and how slow of a worker you are and how much everyone else is contributing to their problems.
Employee one: Hey, I think my duty manager is going to fire me.
Employee two: What? But he’s not even authorised to open a register...
Employee one: But he said he’s friends with his manager and he hates me.
Employee two: Don’t worry; he’s a manipulative fuck that’s just full of his own shit. Seriously, just tell him how great he is and he will run away to hide the boner he gets when someone tells him he’s working great.
Employee one: Oh, Okay, What a tosser
Employee two: Yea, an absolute tosser.
Background choir: God duty managers are massive tossers.
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by InXreality July 05, 2009
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