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A.K.A. "The BX" "The Boogie Down" "Hip Hop's home" Northern most borough in NYC (uptown) & only borough that isn't an island, poorest county in New York State. The BX went crazy hard in the 70's and 80's people were out of control! all over NYC...The BX has one of the world largest apartment complex, "Co-Op City" (largest in US) it has 35 high rise building ranging from 24 to 33 floors on 320 acres. For many years now more people from the Caribbean have been moving in to the BX...Home of The Yankees!, Fordham Univ, The Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens but, if people move out the Bronx a lot move north to Bridgeport, CT. There is like a connection between these two places,
Just google The Bronx or go there if you never been, mad chill
by InCTB August 01, 2011
CT Route 15 - is a busy scenic route named after U.S. Congressman Schuyler Merritt, who was instrumental in enacting legislation allowing the parkway to be built. A.K.A. The Merritt, The MP, The Parkway. It is in Fairfield County, Connecticut and is one of the oldest parkways in the United States. It starts in Greenwich, CT at the CT/NY state line and technically ends on Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Bridge (Sikorsky Bridge) at the Startford/Milford line but people in New Haven county still call it the Merritt even though it's called the Wilbur Cross Parkway in New Haven County. The MP has continues its exits numbers from New York. The MP also has no lights and it is a narrow two lanes that becomes more narrow and curvier further south in the county. The parkway does not allow commercial vehicles unless they are CT DOT construction trucks doing construction or gasoline truck refueling the Mobil rest stops. The MP It runs parallel to I-95, you can connect to it by US Rt 7 in Norwalk or by CT Route 8 and 25 in Trumbull. The highway has custom made bridges for each overpass (besides RT 8/25). The old Trumbull railroad line Bridge is still over the highway (between exits 49 & 51N going north/ 49N-48 going south). The parkway also has many tree related deaths because of crashes into trees or tree branches falling cars.
Also many animals like raccoons, deer, skunks, opossums die of being hit. The MP is suppose to be a pretty view but the parkway has a lot of weeds and ivy and money issues with the state prevents grass cutting.

Lets take the Merritt Parkway 95 has traffic.

To me Route 8 in Trumbull/ Shelton looks better it is greener the trees are further away from the road same with Rt 15 in New Haven County. Merritt has many weeds and tree deaths these roadways are just as nice but has less
by InCTB August 01, 2011
The Beardsley Terrace now known as Trumbull Gardens is a housing project that is furthest north in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is one of the well known housing projects in the city and the local area. The terrace is a half mile long on Trumbull Ave between Reservoir Ave and Chopsey Hill Road. It is in the Reservoir section of the North End. It has two high rise buildings and many two floor apartments. It is also know for the 6 bus running through it. It also has a community center for the youth. It is a bad housing project but improved over the years. It's kind of hidden by some trees from the next streets over and there only two ways in and out by driving.
The Beardsley (Terrace) / Trumbull Gardens Apartments
by InCTB July 29, 2011
As of 2011 A.K.A. The Heartbeat, Insurance capital of the world (even though a lot left/insurance started in Hartford) 19th most dangerous city in US. As of 8/1/11 more murders happened here than in New Haven which can boost the city towards most dangerous...Hartford has the worst public school system in Connecticut, but has tallest buildings in CT. Has the XL Center downtown where it hosts many events. Has a very nice downtown but bad neighborhoods (very). The people who work in downtown live in the surrounding towns. Very dangerous when it gets dark, you will get popped, jumped and or stabbed especially in North Hartford. The city has a huge island population that mainly lives in the northern section of the city. It is kind-of divided, you have the Puerto Ricans in one area and the Jamaicans in the other, and they represent their homeland by wearing their country/territory colors. But the whole city is bad, but on the bright side it has a good amount of colleges
Hartford, Connecticut
by InCTB August 01, 2011
A.K.A. Milftown, Mtown, Milf, M-Ford, CT Post (because of the huge mall), CT car dealership city, CT shopping center, is a city in New Haven County, Connecticut right between Bridgeport and New Haven but, it's tad bit closer to Bridgeport than New Haven. It is a shoreline city, known for it's beaches, the biggest truck stop in the state (Secondi Brothers Truck Stop), little industrial area by the truck stop, White Trash, and big drug usage because of the teens and truckers, also prostitution. But currently Milford is changing and the poor people have and are moving out, I know Milford got rid of some of their trailer parks and is building up more luxury houses and stores. But these homes are still cheaper than those neighboring Fairfield County. Milford has one of the best malls in CT. The Westfield Connecticut Post Mall just finished with renovations and is bigger and has more stores than before, and there is a movie theater in the mall too. It's just the where people go to shop in Southern New Haven and Eastern Fairfield Counties it is very busy on weekends.
Drive along US Route 1 in Milford, CT there is nothing but, car dealerships, stores and restaurants for 6 miles, Milford pretty much has all of the major car brands plus independently owned used car dealerships.

Also has 95, MTA Metro-North train stop, Milford Parkway which is 2.5 to 3 miles long which connects 95 to the Wilbur cross parkway better know as the Merritt Parkway or the Merritt

Robert: I'm bored...lets go to Milford/Orange!
Shawn: Alright yea we'll drive all 10 miles on RT 1 up from Stratford line to West Haven line and back
by InCTB August 01, 2011
As of 2011 Second most populated city in Connecticut, probably the most known city in CT besides Hartford, Bridgeport and Stamford. Also fourth most dangerous city in the country. New Haven is home to the Amistad and Yale University which is one of the best five Ivy League schools in the country. New Haven also has Hopkins school which is one of the best co-educational day school for grades 7-12 founded in 1660. New Haven is also home to the Connecticut Tennis Center where tournaments with some of the world's best tennis players. The Westville section of the city has much of the city's Jewish population and Yale activities. NH is CT's best college town, has a good amount of club's and bars..now it gets real..New Haven has the largest population of African Americans in Connecticut. Hartford and Bridgeport has more West Indians but NH still has them too, more neighborhoods are turning into projects. Yale area is dangerous, YOU WILL GET ROBBED! Things go down all the time all throughout the city a lot of stabbings and shootings, robberies. Things do pop off in the clubs. Stay away from Dixwell Ave & The Ville. Between Southern CT State Univ and Alburtus Magnus College down until Yale is the HOOD even south of dtwn and a little north of those two univs too! It's like a contest between (New Haven, Hartford mainly) and Bridgeport as who has the most shootings and murders. If it wasn't for Yale and The Amistad idk what this city would be.oh yea check out Pepe's pizza really good
New Haven, Connecticut, good, hood, bad, dangerous, Yale, Dixwell Ave, The Amistad, Connecticut Tennis Center, Whalley Ave
by InCTB July 29, 2011

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