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A small dos execuable curl.exe google it for us smart people needing to make scripts to capture URL data -- quick and dirty !!

The help document says : the amount of features will make your head spin!

So now you know you can get slamming down everytime your doing that same sequence of 15, 25, 100, 200 point and click mouse actions every fucking time you need to use that same website.

Save a 2 minutes each visit and in 30 visits, you save an hour of time of your life not click click click around the screen.

MY PRIMARY PURPOSE : Sex Cruising Personal Ad Sites -- Highlight fuck interests and filter out flakes and foes. Works so great!
I use curl.exe to get html pages for online sex profile sites --- highlight my city location - and remove all "interfering shit" of the page!
Some of these are 20 pages long.... I compiled to a one huge long list.
by In the Mindway April 30, 2005
Since there are "no words that rhyme with orange" as the M&Ms in color TV commerical says.... now there is one.
It's all about zorange!
by In The Mindway May 27, 2005
Most popular is a common short for "Don't know".

But it's orgin is likely a direct contraction of:

Dunce + No = Dunno
I dunno why, but I am no dunce!
by In The Mindway May 18, 2005

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