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1. (correct) gardening tool. often used to purify soil

2. (incorrect) many times this world is confused with its homophone ho,( a woman prostitute) even many people here seem to think so. this is not the case however hoe is NOT a prostitute. the word ho (prostitute) comes from the word whore. shorthand, W"ho"re
1. where is the ho lets tilt the soil?

2. idiot: wheer is the hoe
not an idiot: in the garage where u left it the hooker u rented is upstairs tho.
by In my Pants June 08, 2005
Russian Water. Very good without anything except bread (dont eat bread, it costs to much, just sniff) fine dinning.
Ya Tosha Gavoru Pa Ruski. Mudak
by In my Pants May 17, 2005
1. A cookie from Nabisco, queit tasty

2. A person with a black father and a white mother, see mulato

3. A black person who shows signs of "whiteness" dresses to white, looks to white, listens to white music. Usualy deragatory
1. i eat oreos because they are amazing

2. did you see Kurt Cobain? i heard he was an oreo.

3. That kid on the street is SUCH a fucking oreo...all he does is listen to country.
by In my Pants June 03, 2005
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