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A phrase helping to persuade the other side to aid you or doing, random acts of evil.
Rape her or the terrorists have won
Vote for Bush again or the terrorists have won
Invade Iraq or the terrorists have won
Repeal the Constitution or the terrorists have won
Listen to Glen Beck or the terrorists have won
Blow me or the terrorists have won
Vote for Obama or the terrorists have won
Work for Gitmo or the terrorists have won
Listen to only the news or the terrorists have won
#blind patriotism #fox news #blackmail #panic #clean slate
by imthatawesome November 16, 2010
When someone or something's artistic value goes beyond a person's perception; leaving that person lost and confused.

On the flipside, this may be used to sound like a total douchetard because you think you're better than everyone else. often used by hipsters
Guy1: How can anyone like "Boys Don't Cry"
Girl: It's a great movie that challenges society's views on gender!
Guy1: What are you talking about?
Guy2: nvm it's 2deep4u
#deep #artsy #pretentious #douche #douche bag #douchetard #hipsters
by imthatawesome September 28, 2010
A slang term most prevalent on the 4chan music board, /mu/. The inverse of 2deep4u that can be used two different ways.

1. Admitting that the artistic value of something goes far beyond one's understanding/comprehension, otherwise known as being "2deep4u"

2. Admitting hipster defeat in a sarcastic way
Anon1: Dude, how the fuck did you not like Inception?
Anon2: It's just 2deep4me

Linda: So who is your favorite band?
Betty: Fleet Foxes
Linda: seriously?
Betty: Seriously
Linda: lol you're 2deep4me

This is the third time I'm submitting this post. Another rejection would mean that this post is just 2deep4them.
#deep #artsy #pretentious #obscure #indie #indie cred #hipsters
by imthatawesome December 29, 2010
Also Known as Ben Folds glasses, those thick black frame spectacles. Often seen on the likes of Rivers Cuomo (weezer), Johnny Depp, Elton John, and obviously Ben Folds. Whether you need the glasses or not, you chose to wear them for indie cred.
Jock: Nice hipster glasses, nerd!
Nerd: They're specs!
#deep #artsy #ben folds glassses #cute #indie cred #indie #hipsters #inde kid #indie guy #indie girl
by imthatawesome September 30, 2010
The title is given to a hipster or indie kid when their taste in something only consist of nothing but really obscure things.
Guy1: Can I see your iPod?
Guy2: Sure
Guy1: whoa! Neutral Milk Hotel, Yo La Tengo, and My Bloody Valentine!?! Dude, you're indie as fuck.
#deep #artsy #pretentious #obscure #indie #indie cred #hipsters
by imthatawesome October 02, 2010
A sad excuse to force all of your family members all under one roof. None of these poor miserable bastard like seeing each other but they do it to, "Make mom happy." The grim reality of the holidays is that about two to three times a year, family members go through this sad pathetic song and dance only to go home and talk shit about each other behind their backs. Don't ever think your family is not like that, because they are. If no one ever talks shit about a fellow family member to you, it's because they're all talking shit about you.
Ted: So Bill, what are you doing for the holidays?
Bill: Telling my Dad to go fuck himself
Ted:....well Happy Holidays to you too....
Bill: you can go fuck yourself too
#talk shit #shit fest #shit storm #family bonds #family
by imthatawesome November 25, 2010
A tiny town in PA where a bunch of hipsters and niggers live. You probably haven't heard of it, dawg.
"Where do you live?"
"Sharon Hill"
#no mans land #quiet #lonely #sad #desolate
by imthatawesome December 15, 2011
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