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Usually consists of nose to anus confrontation, where the person sniffs up large amounts of fragrance from the anus and then stops and says that things are going way to serious.
Gay Guy: "Imran is such a Anal Sniffer, when he was sniffing my anus he suddenly told me things were getting way too serious, what a fag!"
by Imran Bob Carr November 16, 2005
The oversized bacterial fungous growing on and around the female breast, usually caused by extremely overweight females that cannot get to those tight areas with the soap, for
more info please contact Imran, his mom is very experienced with it.
I was going down on Imran's mom but then I suddenly noticed a crust buildup around her titties. I screamed out "Tit Crust" and ran out the door and hauled ass home. Man that was some scary shit.
by Imran Bob Carr November 16, 2005
instance where the penis may seem raw, or dimpled, somtimez caused by too much masturbatoin.
Due to excessive amount of jacking off, Imran soon suffered from Pickled Penis. Ouch!
by Imran Bob Carr November 15, 2005
Term normally used as an adjective describing someone with a male penis, or cock, on their face, usualy used in terms with being to serious and a cock actualy growing on their face.
Girl #1: "Eww why does Imran have a cock on his face?"
Girl #2: "Cause he's a cock face, and a pussyless faggot!"
by Imran Bob Carr November 16, 2005

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