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Best animated series of all time.
Hermes: He'll be as strong and flexible as Gumby and Herculies combined!

Zoidberg: Gumberculies? I love that guy!
by impuLse April 16, 2004
rolling on the floor laughing my ass off peeing in my pants
(19:35:19) (nolanWork) Spanish characters on an English keyboard
(19:35:25) (nolanWork) ñ: ALT + 164
(19:35:26) (nolanWork) Ñ: ALT + 165
(19:35:54) (@dyang70) ñ
(19:35:55) (@dyang70) rofl
(19:35:59) (nolanWork) works for me too,
(19:36:03) (+Amy_Lee) rotflmaopimp
by Impulse July 15, 2004
GAY aoler who dates fat men online
<3 xupz 2 my ao bitches= i r fagknight
by impuLse September 25, 2003
Uber fatass post whore on 404.
Delita surprisingly eats more than he posts.
by Impulse December 14, 2003
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