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1 definition by Imofftoseethewizard

A you-tube celebrity that gives even gays a bad rap. Has also been known as the definition "freak".

He is not represented by the gay community in anyway shape or form due to his Flamer status he has achieved through his you-tube videos online.

He has achieved the worlds most hated position due to tantrums he's thrown on stage or in public. And has gained so much attention it is what is known as "Anti-Fame" much as the related term "anti-matter"

The only reason why people take the time out of their day is due to wanting a free shot or seven at cracking at this he-she's nut bag and busting its pee's in his peach fuzz sack.
On you tube you can add this at the end of the web address and look for yourself at his "stardom" at the first stages of how "Chris Crocker" gained his "Anti-Fame"

by Imofftoseethewizard July 23, 2010